beauty amidst chaos

beauty amidst chaos

Sometimes you try your very best and still things run amok.

Sometimes you just need to accept that and move on.  I’m working on that today. 

Most things are actually going well but there’s always something that happens, you know what I mean?  

I’m almost late for William Mazdra’s birthday and though I pulled this flower from the archives, it is one of my favorites ever so I happily offer it as a Happy Birthday wish for William today!   He is truly one of the kindest and most brilliant people I have been privileged to meet here on G+.  

And, FloralFriday I haven’t forgotten about you or your lovely group of curators – Beth Akerman Tamara Pruessner Kiki Nelson & Eustace James 🙂

It’s going to be a very busy next month or so for me, but I will do my best to keep up around here – I promise.  🙂  And, finally, (if anyone is actually still reading this) regarding the whole new plus one thing – I still have no option to turn that off.  

Have a great weekend everybody!

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