Reflecting on 2012

Reflecting on 2012

Selfy Sunday’s theme this week is The Best of 2012 and you can see the rest of the photos being posted in the event here:  

Thanks to Jeff Smith & LaDonna Pride for a great year of selfies and fun!!

For me there were many great things in 2012 and the picture I am holding in the photo is one of them – the group shot from my first HIRL in Orlando with some awesome people from G+.  🙂  Just spending a lot of time with my camera was a huge part of my 2012 happiness and I tried to show that here too.  

Google+ has made a lot of big changes lately with Communities and such but, to my knowledge, events is still set up in a funky way which creates extra stuff so my photos will usually only be posted this way until that changes.  

Have a great last weekend of 2012 everyone!  xo

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