It’s coming!

It’s coming!  

What is??  

The G+ ART Mentorship for Photographers!!   The amazing program I had the privilege of participating in last round by Robin Griggs Wood is getting ready for another go!   Set the date on your calendars so you can sign up through the post on her page.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!  See details below…

Originally shared by Robin Griggs Wood

Mark your Calendars!

I’m giving you advanced notice: I will be putting up the sign-up post for my next “G+ ART Mentorship for Photographers” on Nov. 10th at 10 AM PST (6 PM GMT) right here on my own stream.

I only select people who are the most interactive here at Google+ and who post their original work often (no less than three days between posts.) So this gives you a couple weeks between now and the the sign-up time to become more active and show your support to others. As soon as people sign-up to that post, I start checking out profiles and activity (a search of your name brings up the posts of others that you’ve been showing some love to, so it is easy to see … ;o))

You don’t know what the “G+ ART Mentorship for Photographers” is? … head on over to the  G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers (a program that I run here, along with Ron Clifford and Tamara Pruessner) and scroll down and read some of the shares of the PLUSposts for my mentorship. Life-changing stuff.

And don’t forget to add the Page while you’re there!

Since seeing the results of my poll post, almost a third of the respondents would have difficulty around the year end holidays, but I don’t want to delay until January to start. So, I have worked out the scheduling so that the easiest week, week 4, falls just before Christmas and I’ll be stretching that one out for two weeks this time for this next group, which might make it easier for some of those with scheduling difficulties to still participate. I will be starting my #GMAPP3 mentorship with the final announcement post of selectees on the 25th of November, with the full circle share of the next group on the 30th and the first lesson post on the 2nd of December. 


THIS is NOT the official sign-up post … mark your calendars for November 10th at 10 AM, PST (6 PM, GMT) to get in on sign-up post for the next mentorship.


See you there!