it’s complicated

it’s complicated

PLUS post!  Week 3 for G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers with Robin Griggs Wood 

With no formal art training under my belt, it’s been really interesting to learn how to break down an image and get to the heart of why it works or it doesn’t.  

Before this program, I would just feel whether something worked or not and not necessarily be able to fix it if it didn’t feel right.  Now, I’m learning what enhancers are necessary to really create an image that works.  

Side note: Not necessarily talking about the photo here – it just happens to be from this weeks shots. (Rain, rain and more rain!)  I had to finish up the scavenger hunt this week so I was not able to to shoot as much for this.  Not that I don’t like the photo.  haha!  

I usually hate labels, but in this context, they’ve been crucial in identifying why some images really grab you and others don’t.  Not only that, but knowing what enhancers you are missing makes you look for them more and try to incorporate them into your images.  I’ve been especially fascinated by finding out which of the big dog photogs on G+ use these enhancers best!  😉  

It’s been a crazy week but my favorite one in this program yet – I’m more happy to be in this program each week so far!  Thanks Robin!!  😀

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