This was my #SelfySunday submission for the theme this week. Of course, I didn’t actually cut off all my hair. 🙂

The reason I wanted to use this as my post picture is because it represents more of what I want to make sure to do in 2012. No, not drinking and forgetting things.

I want to continue to push myself to do more challenging things photographically. There are so many areas to explore and I just love dabbling in everything, but this year I am going to focus better on a few while saving time to explore the new (to me).

This selfy project has helped me learn so much, and I am sure it will continue to challenge me, especially creatively. For 2012, I resolve to apply what I’ve learned in a practical way. And to get it all together – so to speak. Focus. That’s this year’s theme.

(Rest of the selfys from this week’s theme: