Curacao – Two islands in one

Curacao – Two islands in one

I’m back and there’s so much catching up to do!

First, thank you to everyone who wished me a good trip – it was great and I have some more pictures to share soon! I saw some great stuff in my stream in the short time I had to look while I was gone and can’t wait to comment and +1 away. 🙂 This was my second visit to the island, but the first where I stayed and was able to really explore and learn about it.

There are really two sides to every story and the same goes for the beautiful island of Curacao.

One side is the pretty “houses” that are so iconic and the other side is the major oil refineries (separated by a huge bridge).

One side is the fun, laid back people and lifestyle, the other is the political turmoil created by their new independence

One side is the beautiful resorts and gorgeous hilltop homes and the other side is the poverty that leads to high rates of theft, even among locals.

The sign in this picture just jumped out at me when I saw it. The new, but old style feel of it just seemed to fit my experience. Plus, it’s not the picture everyone would expect.