it’s hot in here

it’s hot in here

My best friend and her family visited this weekend and endured the hottest day in years and hottest June I’ve experienced here in Florida. I think they will visit again (fingers crossed) but probably not during the summer! I’m actually longing for the 95 degree heat in the Valley of Fire – with very little humidity – pictured here. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “it’s hot in here

  1. Pam Boling says:

    It’s no longer 95 at VoF! It’s 106 at my house and VoF is always much hotter. It was 112 at my house the other day and 5% humidity didn’t help. 🙂

    Gorgeous shot!

  2. Jennifer Luzio says:

    Peter Tellone I’ll take the dry heat for sure. But, 112 is ridiculous. Seems that every time I’ve been in Las Vegas it was that hot. Can’t wait for fall… 

    Magistral Shelly Gunderson Thanks! 🙂

    Pam Boling Yikes. I suppose there might be even fewer people there than the two people I saw the day I was there then. At least there’s that. 😉 Thanks!

  3. Pam Boling says:

    I was out at Floyd Lamb park this afternoon. I’ve never seen it so deserted. There are usually big crowds in the afternoon. Almost no one today.

  4. Jennifer Luzio says:

    It’s hot everywhere! So thankful for AC and swimming pools. You hang in there too Leyla A. Roberson! 🙂

    Thank you Rita Gijbels! 🙂

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