through the fog

through the fog

View west from the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald, 4,784 feet. I must return to this place in the fall. I got lucky that the fog/rain lifted for about half an hour today so I could see the amazing views all around. Check this place out if you are ever in the area. There is a lovely museum at the top as well.

I’ve been out for a few days, pretty much off the grid, and my internet is slow tonight too. I have a lot of catching up to do it seems. If the power stays on, I’ll keep trying tonight. 😉

First, to all my San Diego area friends – thinking of you guys and blowing the rain clouds as hard as I can in your direction. Stay safe.

This past week I was in Atlanta at a textiles conference to meet with some people from a Los Angeles area company I’ve been talking with for a while about a new project. It looks like that will finally be getting started. The discussions and planning have taken so much of my time and energy for the last few months and forced pretty much everything else to the back burner. So, I hope to be very busy with the new project but at the same time finally be able to move forward with everything else. And to be able to focus my time and priorities much better with a lot less stress. 🙂

It’s been awesome just to get back out taking photos even if it will only be for a few more days. I barely noticed all of the rain (even some hail today!)

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