final tear

final tear

Last Saturday when I was at the gardens it rained a lot (shocking in Florida, I know!) but I managed to get a few shots from the day and this is one.

Since I returned from my big trip across the country, I just haven’t been out shooting much. Motivation and inspiration have been lacking lately. I’ll be heading out to hopefully get some fall photos in a couple of weeks – yay! – but until then it’s time to get life in order again.  Fall clean up or something like that.  

I’ve heard from a lot of people that things have been tough lately and I’m feeling you guys – I’m in that camp too.  I think it’s time for a little reflection and then a turnaround.  🙂

for FloralFriday and the awesome team of Eustace James Kiki Nelson Beth Akerman & Tamara Pruessner 🙂

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