As it rains most of the day here I have this moment to reflect on the last month (in between loads of laundry and major catching up to do)…

After 31 days on the road, I’m home.  It was an amazing trip filled with incredible places and wonderful family and friends.  

Seeing all of my Colorado people was such a perfect way to kick this trip off and I love and miss you all.

I’ll never get over how incredible Arches National Park is and I can’t wait to return with some friends – new and old.

Huge heartfelt thanks to Rob Lopes who set up the Robin Griggs Wood surprise which topped a forever memorable and fabulous day with Lauri Novak & Mike & Sassi Sassmannshausen  too!  Additionally, because he has so generously helped me with my photography and the mental blocks that I was having.   

Meeting up with Sairam Sundaresan,  Alexander S. Kunz  and Joseph Smith in San Diego was fantastic and reinforced my belief that the best people on G+ are the same in real life.  Thanks again you guys!

I’m counting the days until I get to see everyone again.  🙂

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