the road ahead

the road ahead

2013 is almost here (or already here for some of you) – and I find it hard to believe how fast time seems to go.  It was a tumultuous year, especially at the end, but there were some great times had in 2012.  

My photo selection is from my Fall trip to the Carolinas because it was my favorite trip this year.  I had been wanting to see these colors for years.  Now, I want (need) to go and see them every year!  

As much as I love having my photos to reflect upon, I do try to live in the near present, which means keeping focused on the good that is now and ahead.  I’m optimistic for 2013 and excited to meet new people and see new beautiful places.  🙂  

Thank you to everyone here who has made the past year so much more wonderful for me with all of your awesome positive comments and encouragement. I wish you all the very best of everything in 2013!!  xoxo

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