my first public post was my whygplus

my first public post was my whygplus

Funny that this is the one because I still feel like what I was feeling then is true today – so precisely.  It was a big step for me to post publicly initially but hundreds of public posts later, I’m so glad I took that step because it opened so many doors.       

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Thank you.

Now, please don’t ruin it.

Starting out with G+ I was skeptical, of course. After years of using FB, I was used to the structure of it and I had found the few workarounds for the worst parts – grouping and privacy settings. (Yes, even with all of the changes they kept throwing at us.) I felt like it served a reasonable purpose of keeping in touch with (or tabs on) people. So I wondered how could G+ really enhance my life? How could it be THAT much better than FB or Linked In? Turns out – G+ is so completely different there really is no comparison.

Keep in mind that I am deeply interested in photography and G+ seems to currently be “the” place for photographers to mingle online. Maybe it’s because so many tech people are photographers or being technically savvy is a must for the new digital photography world, but whatever it is, nothing else compares to G+ right now. For me, “the average user”, anyway.

A few key people clearly set the tone and created the trends on G+ for the photog subset which have made it so appealing. HUGE thanks to them and their continuing efforts! However, most of those folks appear to have solid presences on the other sites as well. The giant difference here versus other sites is how the “mob” AKA “average users” seem to be following suit and are well above par in their decorum, intelligence, and passion for their interests. I have yet to need to “hide so-and-so’s posts” because they repeatedly dump useless comments on the feed. Rather, I find myself wanting to “follow” more and more people every day because their work is so brilliant and inspiring!

My greatest use for G+ right now is learning and networking. There is no better place – free and online anyway. With the ability to control content through circles, G+ has succeeded where all the others have failed. Of course, I realize the invite method has limited the troll factor and while G+ intends to control that with their “verified” account rules (whatever those are), it will change over time. The question is will I be able to easily control that with circles or will it become too much effort?

All I can hope for is that the “powers that be” will stay ahead of the curve by maintaining great communication with the “average users” and implementing changes openly and with care. This thing has the potential to replace all other major social networking sites that I’ve ever used. Keeping the UI clean, the ability to control your own content easily, and creating networking opportunities with truly useful ways to search are the keys to making that happen. For me, anyway. “The average user.”