When I saw this flower, I immediately thought to myself how beautiful it was. I had to photograph it. Yeah, it had some stuff on it, but I could remove that later or something.

When I got home and looked at the shot, I thought about imperfections and what we do to hide them. Is the flower still beautiful even though it’s not perfect?

What defines perfect anyway? Is anything ever really perfect?

It’s all subjective in art, of course. It’s certainly also subjective with people. I don’t believe anyone is perfect and I would never (non-sarcastically anyway) use that word to describe myself. I think imperfections give people character and remind us that we can always keep learning and doing better.

Therfore, here is my imperfect flower, shot just as it was. And I love it anyway.

Happy #FloralFriday, which is curated by the creative force of Tamara Pruessner!