Off the beaten path

Off the beaten path

Curacao is a diverse island of cultures and languages.

Often you will hear four different languages seamlessly interwoven into a single short conversation or in commercials on the radio. One store I went into had entirely English signs outside, then only Dutch and Papiamentu on the large indoor signs, and German (huh?) on the product labels themselves.

Given its close proximity to Venezuela, there is also a lot of Spanish spoken. It’s really rather baffling at first, then you just get used to it all.


This picture at the Bizarro Cafe sums that all up for me. What a cool place dripping with style that reminded me of some of the hidden cafe gems of Paris.

On the wall near where I sat is this huge, cool painting of a woman that is reflected in the mirror across the room in the second photo.

At this beach resort, the infinity pool was filled with sea water and seemed so natural and beautiful it was hard to walk away even after the sunset – photo 3.

The last photo – There are many statues and art works around the island but this particular one was my favorite for no logical reason.